Will be the most powerful blockchain mainnet that enhances Convenience, speed, and security, and is compatible with CRYPTO

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What is AbleBlockChain?

AbleBlockChain is a private blockchain based on Ethereum, and it is a blockchain for enterprises with authorized participants which can participate in and create blocks.
AbleBlockChain is a Proof of Authority (POA) enterprise network that can operate smart contracts and DApps (Decentralized Applications) as well as functions of cryptocurrency. AbleBlockChain is a platform for developing and operating these DApps. Developers can build a variety of DApps on this platform, and the built DApps have the characteristics of anonymity, statelessness, decentralization, and decentralization of AbleBlockChain.
DApp developers can build in the mainnet environment after undergoing tests and verification procedures in the testnet environment, which is the same environment as the AbleBlockChain mainnet.

ABC Blockchain Layer Composition

Private blockchain offers a permissioned environment of a blockchain. Each participant to a blockchain is entered into the blockchain upon the approval of existing participants. In other words, a new participant is allowed to a blockchain because existing participants trust the incoming participant. This trust, in contrast to the trustless system in a public blockchain, lowers burden of validating each new block, leading the overall transactions performance to increase.

Viral Marketing Analysis Application Service

AbleBlockChain mainnet and its ABC coin are developed with the focus in building a marketing platform that will eventually replace the current marketing business and landscape. The team has long been integrating the burgeoning blockchain system with that of a marketing platform. As time passes and progress is made through the team’s research and development, the foundation is planning to launch a powerful marketing platform that will impact the marketing industry by offering a marketing strategy that both benefits an entity engaging in a marketing campaign as well as the customers who would be exposed to that campaign.




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    BEP20 (BNB Smart Chain)

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    28 June, 2022